Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Meditative Chi Nei Tsang 
Abdominal Trauma Release

Keiko's treatment is an abdominal release and rebirthing session, based on Taoist healing arts. 

---Beneficial for--- 

Depression, Insomnia ,Constipation,
Emotional blockages,Trauma, Headaches, Stiffness of the body, Addiction. 

Breakthrough experiences such as seeing a brilliant light, experiencing emptiness, emotional breakthroughs and release often result from this treatment and assist clients to re integrate from a deeply subconscious level. 

Keiko provides treatment by using a classical Chinese method of releasing acupressure points in the abdomen. 

Providing - a deep relaxation and opening of the mind. 
- Post session care of the client by tracking emotional,healing and spiritual progression. 
- A development of spiritual awareness and openness that further deepens the connection for more effective healing sessions  

Professional Experience: Meditative Chi Nei Tsang 
Chiang Mai, Thailand/ Japan  2012 - Present 

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