Sunday, 28 September 2014


Today I had another amazing experience w Miss Keiko.
I have currently decided to use her as my regular massage therapist because of her skill and healing power.
It has been an extraordinary chance to meet someone with this level of skill training and talent,,,  in America or Europe someone with her ability would be exclusively expensive, but because we are in Thailand I can afford her treatments.
Far different to the regular Thai massages , Keiko's massage has the ability to unblock very old traumas from the past and to release pain and stored up old negative energy, therefore her massage has been life transforming.
I have been able to let go of old fears and bad habits that were dragging my life down. by changing my body state she has allowed the release of very ingrained and crippling habits, thoughts and behaviors.
I have been able to move on from negative relationships and find much more self reliant, strong way to live.
 She has really mapped out the healing path in my body, and the energy shifts follow through.  It's an amazing experience.


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