Saturday, 10 October 2015

Experience report

Definitely one of the most interesting experience for my body,ever for my mind...powerful...
                                                              Mr.F   from France

I am so grateful for the Chi Nei Tsang you gave me and my mother in Chiang Mai....that was the beginning of a very positive change in my life.
                                                                 ✴︎Sent 2 years later from the session
                                                                 Ms.G  from USA

Chi  nei tsang is a part of chinese medicine techniques...u belong to this art too!   u should come to Europe to heal people, we are in such a bad shape here...           sure Keiko, u're a talented and positive person

                                                                 Mr.P  from France

Wow, I have been sooooooooo tired since monday. It's already thursday and I still would rather stay in my bed and do nothing... the brain is giving me a hard time unfortunately. Telling me I should be 'doing usefull' stuff...
But anyway, I was very impressed by your way of Chi Nei Tsang. Somewhere simular to Omsale but then again very different. 
It's still very strange to me that I fell asleep... in a strage room with a 'stranger' when getting Chi Nei Tsang. That's like telling me it's too hot because it is snowing.

I feel very very tired, but also very relieved and good.
                                                                  Mr.K  from Bergium 

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